VFX work
Most of the work I’ve done so far here at ILM Singapore for the last two years is just about to hit the cinemas,
so I am eager to soon be able
to show more in detail my contributions to these shows. Meanwhile these screen shots from various trailers show some of my contributions.

Kong: Skull Island
Had an absolute blast working on this show and the pleasure to both model and be part of designing the creature seen in the screen shots below.
I also modeled all the cg filler bamboo trees used in these shots. To make quick variations I feed speed tree custom made geometry I modeled
and tweaked the looks there. More to come!

The Great Wall
On this show I got the oppertunity to do a wide variety of work in which some can be seen in the shots below.
I modeled the great wall itself and all its towers while also being responsible for maintaining its particular set as well.
I also modeled all the red archer digi-doubles, and did the detailing pass on the black soldiers. More to come later, stay tuned!

Warcraft: The Beginning
I joined the show fairly late when the modeling of the characters where done, but the need for muscle shapes and anatomy corrections in shots where dire.
I had good fun making muscle shapes and animating them in the various shots they where used for about 4 months. Below are some stills where my work can be seen.